The Ninalilou brand is an innovative project in the fashion footwear industry and it is the result of the meticulous work and the passion of professionals with great experience and years of practice in the field.

Admiring Ninalilou collections is the best way to understand our commitment and our passion.

Several fashion bloggers and TV celebrities wear Ninalilou footwear, including Federica Panicucci, Barbara D’Urso, Alessia Marcuzzi, Paola Perego, Antonella Clerici, Maddalena Corvaglia, Irene Cioni, Elena Tambini, Alessandra Viero, Meis Metis, Le Veline, Guendalina Canessa, Karina Cascella and Michela Patrini.

Ninalilou knows how to mesmerise women with the elegance and sophistication of its shoes, defined by an inimitable and timeless style. High quality craftsmanship, attention to details and excellent materials characterised our refined creations. Ninalilou luxury shoes are dream accessories because Ninalilou only creates them with the best quality materials selected through a discerning process.

The dedication to the search of the most precious details makes our footwear unique and epitome of elegance and exclusivity. Sparkling crystals, candid pearls and elegant plated gold decorations have always been the strengths of our collections.

The most precious details